With all of the last minute shuffling that GenCon did, I thought it would be in everyone's best interest to see the listing of what Shadowrun events Catalyst Game Labs will be running and where they'll be.

So, without further ado:
RPG01330 SRM02-13 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01218 The Mafia Affair -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 2
RPG01219 Protection Racket -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 4
RPG01342 SRM02-15 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan B 5-6
RPG01222 CSI: Seattle -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan B 7-8
RPG01334 SRM02-14 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01351 SRM02-17 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan B 9-10
RPG01220 Tequila! -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 3
RPG01223 Safehouse -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan B 5-6
RPG01312 SRM02-01 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 4
RPG01355 SRM02-18 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan B 11-12
RPG01225 Delta V -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan B 5-6
RPG01227 Green Star Grab -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan B 11-12
RPG01315 SRM02-04 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01323 SRM02-10 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 2
RPG01326 SRM02-11 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 3
RPG01337 SRM02-14 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 4
SEM00145 GM Boot Camp -Crowne Plaza- New York Central 1-6

Thursday-Friday Midnight
RPG01230 Into the Arcology -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01340 SRM02-15 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 2

RPG01233 Find Her, Keep Her -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01344 SRM02-16 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 2
RPG01236 Interception -Omni- Jennings Ballrm 18-19
RPG01358 SRM02-19 –Crowne Plaza- Edison North 14-15
RPG01245 Sins of the Father -Omni- Jennings Ballrm 15-16
RPG01374 SRM02-16 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan A 10-11
RPG01347 SRM02-17 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01242 Round-Up Time -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 3
RPG01328 SRM02-12 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 4
RPG01360 SRM02-20 -Omni- Jennings Ballrm 18-19
RPG01246 War Machine -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 5
RPG01290 Blood Relics -Hyatt- Concept 1-12

Friday-Saturday Midnight
RPG01247 All Flesh Must Be Eaten -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01321 SRM02-09 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 2

RPG01250 Sotto Voce -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01353 SRM02-18 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 2
RPG01251 Just another snatch and grab -Omni- Jenning's Ballroom 16-17
RPG01361 SRM Scramble 2! -Crowne Plaza- Illinois Central 1-6
RPG01253 Irish Car Bomb -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01255 Knickers Nicker -ICC- 110 7-8
RPG01357 SRM02-19 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 2
SEM00122 What’s Up With IMR? -Embassy Suites - Coronation 2
RPG01256 Favor for a Friend -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 3
RPG01258 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre -ICC- 109 9-10
RPG01339 SRM02-14 -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 4
SEM00123 Whose Run is it anyway? -Embassy Suites - Chancellor 1
RPG01291 Blood Relics -Hyatt- Concept 1-12

RPG01262 Aces & Eights -Hyatt- Cosmopolitan C 1
RPG01263 New Horizons -Hyatt- Discovery A 2
RPG01359 SRM02-20 -Hyatt- Discovery A 3
RPG01264 Bittersweet Symphony -Hyatt- Discovery A 1
RPG01333 SRM02-13 -Hyatt- Discovery A 4

A little more info on a few special events:

Thursday Night at 7PM is the Shadowrun GM Bootcamp (SEM00145). For the first time ever, we'll be exposing players to the tested and proven mechanism we use to prep our GMs before GenCon each year. It's fun, it's absurd, and you just might learn a little something about GMing.

Friday and Saturday Night at 7PM is the two-night Shadowrun Tournament (entitled Blood Relics RPG01290). The tourney is the longest running Shadowrun Event at GenCon. It's been an annual event dating back to early in the FASA days.

Saturday at 10AM is the SRM Scramble 2(RPG01361). This one-time-run Shadowrun Missions event allows players to interact with dozens of other SRM characters, in a unique scenario that mixes LARP and traditional tabletop elements. Unique campaign awards will be available.

Saturday at Noon is the What's Up with IMR? Seminar (SEM00122). Here's your chance to find out what grand plans the folks at IMR/CGL have for Shadowrun over the next year.

Saturday at 2PM is Whose Run Is It Anyway? (SEM00123). A combination of improv, and the most dysfunctional team of Shadowrunners ever seen.