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Full Version: RL Wireless/Counterwireless Combat
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Zen Shooter01

The above link is to story about wireless on the Iraqi battlefield.
Rotbart van Dainig
About the most basic form of EW...
just wait until both sides have UAV's or even UGV's...
Sadly,defensive measures are usually behind the offensive measures. Its like computer security. Hackers make exploits, defenders make patches. Its so hard to be proactive because it is so hard to know what the enemy will come up with. Next they will be setting IEDs off with a laser signal, which isn't able to be blocked.

Somehow I doubt that they would set it off using laser signals. Look at the climate of the region -- a bit of sand rolling around could easily block the laser signal, plus you need LOS to the target, and I doubt they could get focusing good enough to signal it from much further than a half a mile away, if that. Plus, if you are signaling from far away, the reciever would need to be a pretty big target, which might make your IED pretty obvious if they approach it from the wrong angle. You might as well just run a wire, which is also unjammable and alot easier to conceal (because of the aforementioned sand)
You know Irak isn't just desert and sand...
Rotbart van Dainig
You know, if you got plenty of time to set up 'I'EDs and the 'street' doesn't really deserve the name, you always can use... wires.
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