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Full Version: steam-powered cyberarm?!
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Kyoto Kid
..ahh it even uses "Phlogiston" [Harlequin's Back], how quaint. grinbig.gif
That's a cool arm. Nifty that the H2O2 power pack lasts for 18 hours. Makes one wonder if you can just stop at a local pharmacy and get a refill out of the antiseptic aisle...
Kyoto Kid
...I could see it now...

team of runners in a courier rumbling though the streets of the Smoke during a run.

Sammy: [looking at the gauge on his cyber arm of doom] "...oy, mates, gotta stop at the chemist's"

Mage: uhh what's up, you ill from that last bit o FissionChips ye' ate?"

Sammy "nah, me gut's fine, just my arm's runnin close to empty again...gotta get some hy-perox before we hit the 'Zone'"
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