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Full Version: What's up with reprints?
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Why hasn't FanPro done more reprints? especially it's core books of Cannon Companion, Man and Machine, Magic in the Shadows? It shouldn't cost much and there is a constant need for them. Seems like a cheap way to make money? So why don't they do it?


All of the books are scheduled to be reprinted [Man and Machine first]. However, while reprints seem like "easy money", they're also slow money, because RPG supplements typically sell the most during their first 1-3 months of release. After that they sell a steady number if they're popular and/or necessary, but a reprint is very rarely "fast cash" -- often less than 20% of it sells out the door. I posted a longer explanation of this situation over on Bulldrek awhile back:
Very interesting. Thanks for the link.

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