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Full Version: Willpower development or something else?
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Ok as I said I will be asking a question that does reveal some info although minor in my opinion involving the third Matrix movie.

So in other words if you don't wanna know because you have yet to go see it the don't read on!!!!!!!!!

Thanks & have a nice day chummer. grinbig.gif

Ok so here I go! In the 3rd movie we learn that the power of the one extends to the real world which allows for communication with machines as well as the ability to control and/or destroy machines with a thought. Could this be developed for Shadowrun? If so would it be the deep resonance or something different. if different how different totaly new or just a different spin on the deep resonance? I ask because I think it would be cool if it were magical kinda of like the psionic ability telemechanics from Rifts PLEASE NOTE I SAID: like that ability not that ability. It should be different to some extent so that Shadowrun players can call it there own.

Once again let me say thanks in advance to all who chime in. Also let me say if what little I revealed about the 3rd movie was a spoiler to you the I am sorry but do remember YOU WERE WARNED!!!! biggrin.gif
It was obvious enough from the end of the second movie that either that was happening or they were still in the Matrix.


If you were going to do something like that, I'd say Deep Resonance. I'm already of the opinion that Otaku are essentially a seperate race, utterly alien from metahumanity in thought patterns.

Well, there is no analogy to that in Shadowrun.

Neo could do that because he had been phyiologically altered by being the one. he had a physical connection to the machine code, and only the machine code. The Oracle explained that his becoming The One had changed him in the physical world as well as the Matrix. He had a conneciton to The Source, which is from where all machines AI comes from. This is why he could kill the sentinels. Since there is no "Source" where all electronics comes from in SR, so there is no analogy to this in SR. There is no all encompassing AI that rules all machines in SR.

His ability was not psionic, it was realted to alteration of his brain physically.
Ol' Scratch
Just create an urban Chaos Shaman (or Mage or Psychic) who worships the Deep Resonance. You can just create it as a Totem that gives you a mild bonus when using spells against technological constructs (drones, vehicles, weapons, etc.) and spirits of man (that materialize as robots, drones, or whatever else) and a penalty against living beings and other nature spirits. Since you'd likely be an urban shaman, that penalty would apply to Spirits of the Sky.

Then select spells that would go with that concept. Wreck/Ram, Hot Potato, Fix, Animate, and so on. If your GM's groovy with it, see if you could evevn make a Control Computers or Control Electronics spell as a Control Manipulation. It won't let you hack or anything (at least no more than anyone else with the same Computers/Electronics skill), but you could remotely push keys or whatever as if using Use (Computers) or something.

I dunno. Just be creative with the existing rules and don't try to do something too silly, like creating a Neo's God-Like Abilities or a Virtual Skillwires spell.
Either that or follow the lead of Otaku. Rather than giving them "decks" based on their mental stats, give them "VCR"s and "remote decks" based on them. The flux'd be generous in some cases, but it wouldn't be increasable.

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