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Full Version: Organ Legging
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So I have a player who wants to sell a body. An old man in the Redmond barrens who was shot in the face. So I want to be fair, but I would think that this is considered about the most despicable crime there is...? What about reputation? Notoriety?

What are the opinions on compensation. My player thinks an old man's bone marrow and the like are worth a thousand or so. I tend to strongly disagree, but again, I want to be fair. We know that rigamortus sets in after about four hours. At that point is the body good for anything other than ghoul food?

In the case of a body 'acquired' shortly/immediately after death, would special precautions need to be taken? I always see/hear where organ donations from accident victims are expedited to insure viability of the organ. The organs are harvested and packed in ice.. What is the time frame? What if anything needs to be done to the body?

In the various cases of bodies, any ideas on how to gauge value of the body for organs, bone marrow, ghoul food, etc? Young vs. Old? etc
I'd agree that it should be a matter of bad rep and notoriety. You don't really want a reputation as someone who goes around "harvesting" bodies. If they keep it up, attach a reputation of selling meat to ghouls to them - it doesn't matter if it's true or not; rumours don't have to be real.

As for price... Errr, have there been published prices for non-cloned replacement organs? A fraction of that would be reasonable.
Dread Polack
Hah! One of our players had a contact in Tamanous (sp?), who dabbles in organlegging. We're toying with the idea of using him as a disposal service, but we're all not so sure we want to get mixed up in that. Actually, only the PC with the contact knows his true affiliation (it's her brother). The rest of us just think he's a shady doctor. We're actually not an overly-lethal group, but sometimes you just gotta kill them.

Dread Polack
I also see in Augmentation where one of the inline replies notes a body as worth a couple hundred nuyen. I'm sure that a properly researched and preserved body with a blood type and other genetic factors in high demand would be worth a lot more..
Keep in mind if the body is dead that the organs are worthless after about 5-10 minutes unless harvested, drained of fluid, and iced. Older Marrow is worth less because it has a statistically higher probability of either having or mutating into many cancers and other "old people only" diseases. Also, the marrow cells lose some of their ability to perform hemopoiesis over time. AND with all the cloning and artificial everything available in 2070 I don't really see a big market for marrow. However, I would imagine cyberlegging is alive and well and you might be able to get a couple hundred nuyen for an average size corpse from Tanamous or if you could find and negotiate with the Shedim.....

Anyway, yeah, marrow, not so much especially not from an old guy. Other organs are useless by now, the meat would be tougher(literally muscle cells are replaced at a slower rate in older people so irregardless of strength there is less elasticity in their tissue) so something like 100-200 nuyen.gif would be appropriate. Organlegging and stuff can be worth alot, but not really in this situation.

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