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Full Version: Charisma + Demolitions?
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Dread Polack
My whole table had a good laugh last night and I thought I should share it with all of you. We were going to a swap-meet to get a set of datachips from a hooker. You see, her "boyfriend" gave her the chips before his kidnapping and incarceration in the trunk of our car and then re-kidnapped by ninjas. I know, a typical day in SR. Since she was mostly just holding the chips, and her "boyfriend" was missing, we took advantage of the situation by sending our guy in with the password and convincing her that he was her "boyfriend's" backup. (we wanted to simply con her out of the chips, but she wasn't stupid, and we went for the consolation prize).

So that was a winding setup to explain that we needed an item to give our second guy to pose as a buyer and trade for the chips with. The only thing we had on-hand was 6 kilos of standard, everyday plastic explosives. I grabbed a cheap aluminum briefcase out of a office supply store and "dressed up" the plastique to look like high-tech, experimental explosives. A quick text message to our "backup" to make sure he was thoroughly impressed by the explosives when he saw our "buyer", and I made my roll.

"Okay, what do I roll?"

"Demolitions plus... well... you're trying to make it pretty? Charisma. Demolitions plus charisma."


"Yeah, I never expected to call for a Charisma + Demolitions roll in my life, but roll it"

So, yeah, a dumb but amusing story. I hope you like it.

Oh, and by the way, I was running on a -2 wound penalty, so after spending edge, I got 3 hits.

Dread Polack
Good solution ... I would have gone for a disguise roll myself, but I like Cha + Demo, if nothing else just for the laughs.
Sounds about right for sexy explosives... biggrin.gif
I always roll Charisma with my demolitions, but that's just because they're SO SEXY...
Kyoto Kid
...hey, demolitions can be a performance art if you look at it the right way. Leela always did a stage bow after a job well done. She even planned a demolitions job rigged to a piano as the trigger. The right sequence of notes, and somewhere across town, *BOOM*.

She could literally bring the house down.
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