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One of my PbP players asked this dozy of a pickle.


Do specialisations disappear if a base skill exceeds them, or are they always the base skill plus 2? I can't find rules on increasing specialisations, so wishful thinking has me hoping they increase automatically when you boost a base skill

New GM goes, eh? Whatchu talkin' bout Willis? I'm leaning toward saying yes they disappear, but what cover the spec then?
Specializations add +2 to the base skill when making tests in whatever the specialized field is. They are essentially a bonus.
a specialisation simply gives a +2 bonus in that field. you can't improve the base skill over the specialisation, because the specialisation is equal to the base skill +2.

a given number can never exceed it's own value plus 2, therefore there's no point wondering what happens when that number exceeds it's own value + 2.
Unlike earlier editions a specialization is not an increased level of a general skill, now it is bonus dice for a subset of the general skill.

Example: Pistols 2 (Specialization: Heavy Pistols)
To increase skill you are taking Pistols from 2 to 3. 3 * 2 = 6 karma. Specialization is unaffected.
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