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Full Version: Technomancer builds
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If you play a technomancer, can you post your builds here? I keep hearing that technomancers suck, but I wish I could see some optimized builds from people who like them to see how good they can be.
Kyoto Kid
...well in the matrix they're pretty hot. It's just in the meat world they're easy targets because they usually will have only 1 IP.

I'll post Akima. my former Otaku turned TM tonight after I get home.
I'll post my TM build here in a bit as well
ok, this is my Technomancer, it will not fully replace a hacker, but at least he is a good supply char for the group:

Meta: Dwarf (25BP)
Karma: 81

Attr (170BP)

Kon: 3
Ges: 3 (raised from 1 with Karma)
Rea: 2 (raised from 1 with Karma)
Str: 3

Cha: 4
Int: 6
Log: 5
Wil: 6

Res: 6 (raised from 5 with Karma)
Edg: 2 (raised from 1 with Karma)
Ess: 6

Qualities:(+25BP) i know it's cheated embarrassed.gif

exc. Int

sensitiv System
Incompetence (Automatic)
allergie (unc, heavy)
Combat Paralyse

Skills (150BP):

Computer Group 4
Cracking Group 2 (raised from 1 with Karma)
athletic Group 1 (raised with Karma)
Influence Group 1 (raised with Karma)
Compiling 5
Register 5
Medicine 4
First Aid 4
Cybertech 2
Perception 3
Dodge 2
Pistols 1 (raised with Karma)
Infiltration 1 (raised with Karma)

Knowledge Skills:
Japanese N
English 4
Biology (Anatomy) 4
Chemistry (Pharma) 4
Military (CID) 2
Medicine (Forensic) 6
Matrix Background (Technomancer) 3
Criminalistics 2
Hideout (Orc undergound) 3
SOTA Science (Body Mods) 2

Complex Forms (41BP):

analyse 5
Browse 5
Edit 3
Scan 5
Decrypt 5
Exploit 5
Stealth 5
Sniffer 5
Track 3

Connections: (6BP)

Gear: 2(BP)


He was an Forensic examinor in the Army CID, very shy und not fit at all. During the Crash he becomes a Techno und some years later he was forced to go into hidung, after he find evidence of an Mafia cpnspiracy in Ft Lowis.

Here's my TM: Maven

[ Spoiler ]
hmmm... this is a build that i made a while back just to see what i could do. it probably could use some tweaking, but the basic framework applies. there is no fluff in there because it was done as a mental exercise, basically to see what i could do if i totally sacrificed in a few areas to build up matrix ability.

in hindsight, there's a few things i'd probably change though =P (i may do an updated build later)

[ Spoiler ]
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