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Full Version: Ritual magic sample degradation
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Kyoto Kid
...quick question (SRIII). Is there anywhere where the durability of ritual samples is mentioned? This question has come up during a game session & I thought there was some table or paragraph that listed how quickly different sample types degraded.
Ancient History
I don't recall there being an official time.
I remember Essence hours for randomly collected scraps of DNA.

This time could be extended by either using a unstatted quick ritual while taking a sample directly from the target or by casting a stasis spell at the sample.
Kyoto Kid
...what is the source on that.
Seems I remembered a SR II rule, which makes sense since I couldn't find a rule like that in the obvious places when taking a quick peek in MitS.

In SR2, tissue samples were only viable as material links for [Essence] hours; is this also true in SR3?
There is no such rule in SR3--we leave it up to the GM to decide, as appropriate for storytelling purposes. There are many factors that may affect the exact time--the amount of tissue/fluid, environmental conditions, etc. In any case, tissue samples shouldn't be useful for long--no more than 24 hours and probably less, unless you use a Preserve spell.


the relevant rules are on p35 of Grimoire 2.

Random Samples last Essence hours.
Involuntarily taken samples with ritual last successes times longer.
Intentionally given samples last essence days.
Intentionally given samples with ritual last forever.

Sample Stasis Spell ( variuant of hibernate) stops degradation.
Zhan Shi
page 29, Steet Magic:

"The amount of time available varies, depending on the size of the sample and external conditions; a bloodstain from a combat scene may only be useful for a few hours, while a severed finger may be useful for several days. Decomposition can be slowed or stalled by refrigeration or a Preserve spell; chemical preservation, however, destroys the sample's ritual viability. The process of ritual spellcasting destroys the material link. If a spellcasting ritual is interrupted and has to be aborted, the material link is destroyed."

Hope that helps.
Kyoto Kid
...thank you all for the help. This resolves the situation. (the magically inept KK)
Well you said SRIII, someone mentioned SR II and your answer was from SR IV. So we'll just leave it here. I fixed the typo in your topic though. smile.gif
You got one of them wink.gif
Right you are. Fixed spelling.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
Right you are. Fixed spelling.

...thanks. spell checker doesn't work on topic titles.
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