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Full Version: Astral quests for adepts; "Fourth World Knowledge"
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Zhan Shi
In SR3, followers of the "totem way" could use astral quest for initiation only. I was thinking of using this in SR4, since the ability is limited in use and purpose. Also, instead of power (initiation grade, metamagic) perhaps the totem could offer information. I was looking for a way to link ED and SR. The mentor could offer glimpses of past ages, or of important events such as Dunk's assasination. These could be represented as a knowledge skill, say....

Knowledge (Fourth World)

1 would be what an average Barsavian knows, 3 what an average adept/adventurer knows, 6 what a powerful ruler (Neden or Alachia) would know, and the max of 7 reserved for GDs and IEs.

I don't quite know what to call the other one; perhaps "Conspiracies (Sixth World)". How to represent player knowledge of metaplot? Is a game mechanic even necessary? Comments/suggestions welcome.
As the "Mentor Spirit" Quality is not available for Adepts, it's not possible at the moment to follow the Totem Way. Personally, I would simply allow the "Mentor Spirit" quality and thus also the "Astral Quest" for initiation. I don't really see a problem here smile.gif

Knowledge of the fourth world would be best got from someone like Harlekin, Ehran or a dragon. As it will probably be not important anymore - Earthdawn and Shadowrun have different publishers now - it's probably a rather useless skill smile.gif
Anyway, simple taking a Knowledge skill seems a little bit "not enough" to me...
Zhan Shi
Yeah, trying to pigeonhole the metaplot into a knowledge skill is probably an excersise in fultility. But I'm attracted to the idea of a character who has significant pieces of the puzzle, so to speak. The mentor spirit thing is iffy. Both Synner and Rob have said that adepts can have them; apparently, the lack of adepts in the positive quality is a misprint. Even so, Street Magic says that only full magicians or characters with access to the Astral Gateway power of a free spirit can use astral quest. But I don't see a problem bending the rules a bit, provided it's only used for ordeal purposes. Or maybe the adept could develop a magical compound allowing him to do the equivalent.
As the "Mentor Spirit" Quality is not available for Adepts, it's not possible at the moment to follow the Totem Way.

That depends upon whether you believe page 192 or page 79 on this issue.

But in any case the official answer is that yes, Adepts can have Mentors. Hell, one of the sample characters (Mafan) is an adept with a Mentor (Cat).

Page 192 doesn't contradict Page 79. Any character with "Mentor Spirit" quality doesn't include "adept" smile.gif And I can't find that sample character in my core book...

But personally, I don't see why adepts shouldn't have mentor spirits. It's not even powergaming, as at least 50% of the advantages don't even help the adept smile.gif So I quite agree with the official answer.
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