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Full Version: No Forced Sub Dermal RFID tag in CalFree?
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I am not sure this will fly in 2070 due to extra territoriality of Corps but,

California Outlaws Forced Sub Dermal RFID

Zhan Shi
Such laws would have no effect within megacorp property, or on people with megacorporate citizenship. Things may get iffy with people who have dual citizenship, or runners who break into said property and are caught; after all, they would be under the control/judicial system of another mini nation state. In any case, I'm sure the corps would find a way around those laws.
Most dystopian worlds are destroyed by a couple of decent laws. Even Gattica mentioned that the company's genetic screening was illegal. We had to watch 2 hours of a ridiculously circuitous plot about spoofing the system, when the hero should have just done the manly thing and filed a class action lawsuit. But then again, who wants to see another John Grisham movie?
If I remember Gattaca right, the difference was that was was illegal, but unenforcably so. In the same way that it was illegal to lynch black guys in Texas in 1930, but ... you know, it wasn't like the system was very invested in stopping it.
Hmmm... I don't know what to think about this...

Those RFID devices could save human lifes

You could implant them on old people suffering from Elzheimer desease to track them if they wander too far from their care center...

You could even go as far as to implant them on your newborn baby to protect them from kidnapping.

Look at it like a boomerang system that you use on your car...
Sure. And there's no reason why people can't willingly engage services that do that.
This is just saying that your job can't make implantation a requirement, or to make it an "option" but then pressure you into it.
They can still be used willingly.
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