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Full Version: monthly missions in Champaign IL
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Hello, I am starting a Monthly Shadowrun group in Champaign IL. If you are interested in coming to the game We are meeting at 7 PM on the first Saturday of each month. We will be running multiple games and they will be the official missions given for Shadowrun Missions. If you are interested in helping out as a GM please feel free to contact me of of the lists at redwulfe73 at

The store location is Armored Gopher Games at 75 E. Chester Street Champaign IL. The phone number for the store is (217)366-3266. They are open M-F 5pm to midnight, Sat. 10am to midnight and Sun. noon to midnight. You may call their to get ahold of me if you wish. my name is Tim.

This is basically a monthly missions event.

Awesome. If you can't make Tim's games in Champaign, I know I'm working to set something up as is another GM from the Decatur area. Hopefully the university will provide enough fodder ... I mean ... players for all of us nyahnyah.gif
Hey Dash,

When is your game? or better yet is it open? I wouldn't mind being able to make a few myself.

I've spoken with Dragon's Table and I the owner said I'll be able to start running games there. I just need to get our calendars coordinated. Right now there are some big changes at work, so that might be more difficult than I expect.
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