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someone in another forum mentioned that there's a therapy for HMHVV, perhaps mentioned in one of the SR3 SOTA Books. Can anyone confirm that and tell me, in which chapter I have to search?
HMHVV perhaps?

I'm not familiar with a therapy or treatment for the disease. It may be possible as the life cycle from infection to full ghoul status is about 30 days. During that time, those with access to medical facilities could probably receive genetherapy and similar treatment to purify his bloodstream and tissue.
Oh, yes, sorry, missed an H there smile.gif And no, I'm talking about a therapy AFTER the transformation...
There's a shadowtalk mention of a therapy that might use HMHVV in Augmentation p. 84. However, I don't think that's what you're looking for.
Jup, that's not it. Not even close, sorry smile.gif
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Genetech is in 2063, first chapter. The only mention of HMHVV I found just now skimming it was that Zeta-inferon cannot be made to provide immunities to magical virii, such as HMHVV.
I didn't find any other mention of it in the gentech chapter, too. As this would be something really great, it would surely be mentioned. So i personally think, that there isn't any therapy - it was just a very daring conclusion by a player.
All is not lost for the infected ... Advances in genetic restructuring, building on the 2052 perfection of "Leonization", show promise for curing late-stage HMHVV victims.

Recommended reading would be the Shadowrun Companion which has a full work up on ghouls as PCs, M&M the genetech chapter, and equivalent items from SR2 which I don't remember the names of at the moment.
According to the 3rd edition Shadowrun Companion, there is treatment for early stage Krieger infection that will keep you from transforming. Which means that by definition there is a live-virus vaccine for Ghoul transformation.

There's fuck all you can do about real vampire transformation. Even if you caught it at the beginning of the process, you'd still have zero Essence and die.

Zhan Shi
Irian: Check out the "DNA/DOA" adventure book. I don't have it anymore, but as I recall, Aztechnology had developed some biotech treatment which could rewrite DNA; Alamos 20,000 was hoping to steal it and infect metahumans with it, to turn them human again. Whether or not it worked, I don't remember.
Oh, it worked, but just on a very specialized basis smile.gif It transformed metahumans into monsters and was (iirc) able to prevent the mutations... But unfortunatly, it has nothing to do with the (magical) HMHVV disease...
QUOTE (Irian)
someone in another forum mentioned that there's a therapy for HMHVV

Yes, it's called a bullet, and when used in appropriate doses, it has been proven to be very effective at reducing vampire and ghoul-related symptoms.

Aside from that, you can stop Krieger strain BEFORE it has run its course (giving you about a month) and that's relatively cheap compared to genetech and the like. Afterwards though, or if you're hit by the vampire version, you're basically up the creek.
For vampires you mean weapon foci. Bullets only get a 33% chance of doing permanent damage on deadly wounds.
Dikoted katanna's are quite good too with a called shot decapitation.
For persoanl amusement the nova and laser spell are great.
Burn to a crisp, regen, burn to a crisp, regen, roast, regen, grill, regen...
hours of fun.
Mr. Croup
or, using said dikoted katana, just chop 'em in half. Seemed to do the trick last time...
QUOTE (Platinum)
For vampires you mean weapon foci. Bullets only get a 33% chance of doing permanent damage on deadly wounds.

Like I said, sufficient quantity.
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