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Full Version: HASSELHOFF!
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Prime Mover
So this program dedicated to converting old TV media into new trideo format for Horizon/Turner libraries becomes an AI.

He's twisted little bugger and by now sure you realize the name he's taken and the persona he's patterned himself after. He's looking for ride to place his "Core" into.

He needs your help he's narrowed his search to to Westwind 3k. Anyone feel like stating one up.


A. A Westwind black.
B. An additional 85,000 in comm/programs/etc for the car. (limited without arsenal but doable)
C. A Rigger with great hair and loved by Germans.
Ol' Scratch
Not sure why you really need to go into a detailed set of rules; lots of variants are easy to do since the core is easy.

1. Westwind with Rigger Adaptation.
2. Pilot 4 upgrade along with Firewall/Response/Signal System 6 upgrades.
3. Maneuverability: Sports Cars 4, Electronic Warfare 4, Defense 4, Clearsight 4 autosofts with a Virtual Person loaded into it.

And you're pretty much done. At least until SR4 gets some vehicle customization rules (hopefully in Unwired).
Prime Mover
hehe just little running gag that got started thought I'd share. Meant for a good laugh.
QUOTE (Prime Mover)
C. A Rigger with great hair and loved by Germans.

What can I say.... rotfl.gif
Uh, how about Nein! smile.gif
No chance. grinbig.gif
D. Rigger needs to suck in his gut at all times.
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