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Full Version: Quicking materials
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Prime Mover
So recently had old SR player return and convert 2nd edition char into 4th. Posted before about having a problem with how to convert long time spell locks. We've discussed Quickened spells using Quickening materials (in tattoo form) to replace them.
Heres the question if spells get disrupted by ward or counterspelling, are the tattoos reusable?

Ancient History
You'll need new quickening materials.
Prime Mover
That was my ruling but he's complaining about possibly ending up looking looking like a Yak, not good with his Mafia contacts hehe. Been trying to convince him with enough karma spent along with materials it will make them pretty secure.
Ancient History
Well, tell him to get the old tattoo removed, then. Or have the new one put down on top of it.
Maybe nanite tattoos?
Removing tattoos in SR should be a simple procedure. There shouldn't be any worry about being confused for a Yak, unless he chooses to do it that way.
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