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I am nearing the first seassion (I'll GM) and at last I can tell a bit about the team the players will play. I'll be happy to hear your thoughts on the concepts:
I'll not put the backgrounds as there may be some of them taking a peak here smile.gif.

1. Weapon specialist, built on the lines of the character given in the SR book. She's a human, with good knowledge of gear and weapons, and has a cool Suzuki Mirage to complement the package. She especially likes pistols and rifles, but will never put a cyber on her.

2. Mage, and elven mage, which discovered his powers when he was younger, thought the art by an old mentor outside of seattle, and has some very dark shadows in his past.

3. Face. Think on the lines of A team's face with some James bond touches. He is all about show, spent almost his entire BP on contacts, and knows a lot about the night life on various quarters. Will spend his money as soon as he gets it, and likes using the most expensive weapons even though he don't know how to use them too well.
He owns a cutome made (think pimp my ride) Yamaha assasin motorcycle, and will prefer to sleaze his way out of ugli situations.

The last player who we need to check out wants to play an Orc street samurai, cast out of humand and orcish society.

I can't wait to start playing

Sounds like you got what you need for your team there. I admire the Weapon spec. player for giving up magic and cyber, sure she can become a expert in weapons but without the buffing cyber/magic or heavy drug use, she might easily get in the shadow of the ork sammie..

Then again, your missions may not matter much of who can shoot the fastest.

Hmm, the team will have difficulty operating without some hacking skill though - sure a sweet talker is nice but sometimes you just gotta crack some codes. Do you consider having a character purchasing some hacking progz and perhaps a rank or two in hacking?
Thanks smile.gif.
The weapon spec likes to be natural, and she bought the workshop so it can provide some interesting scenes. There is always the policeman in movies who likes to do stuff the "traditional" way so it's fun. She worked as a smuggler before the operation was brought down by some legal action.

The face also took gremlins, and actually spent twice the money on his bike and gun so they'll look cool, bought very expensive suit, and paid lots of knowledge BPs on a general know poeple in Renton and Redmond knight life scene. He reasoned that a guy like him knows everybody, so taking 1/1 conatcts is his way of doing thing. I agreed, and let him pay 18 BPs for the package. He lives in high lifestyles, and was a questionable business man until crowssing paths with the Yak. Though a guy like him can't stay out of the spotlight for too long, I guess the Yak would be happy to meet him again (They did blow up his appartment and two cars a year ago... )

The elf has also a nice story, bitter resentment towards the corporate who enslaved his parents and tried to remove him from existence in the process.

They probably will need some Gizmos to compensate for the lack of hacking. But that's for them to find out in their upcoming missions. As a GM I could just recommend it to them.

Another solution would be a hacker npc, the group could roll for him/her so you don't get bored. Try to set his/her personality clearly so it is a "live" part of the group...


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Wow, I really got inspired now, hope this ideas are helpful. Now excuse me because I have a few runs to prepare...


If you've read Emergence ...

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QUOTE (Dashifen)
If you've read Emergence ...

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My coffee machine gives me advice, but it hasn't tried to hack anything yet.
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