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Full Version: life imitates shadowrun...
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cany anyone say comlink?
However, it should be noted that this technology suffers from flaws which will definitely be exploited once the technology becomes more prevalent and widespread:
- Man in the middle attacks, Passive interception, etc

For the stated purposes it works great. For anywhere reasonably secure communications, not so much. It does have one advantage that Shadowrun comlinks don't though... Real world encryption is far superior to Shadowrun encryption.
AT&T(I think it's AT&T, some company) expects to have it's "Wi-Max" service blanketing Atlanta, Chicago, and.... I think Denver I can't remember by 2009. Supposedly will be universally available anywhere in city(like normal cell usage) but will also be able to support computers and other devices at speeds at or above current cable internet. Expects to blanket the majority of the US by 2011.

Can we say wireless Matrix anyone?

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