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Full Version: Invisibility spells
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The Jopp
I’ve had it with the description of invisibility illusion spells that says that they bend light. Yea, it’s a silly technicality but it really destroys the plausibility of invisibility spells.

Invisibility spells create a blind spot, fools the mind that an object isn’t there even if it is. It is also an illusion spell and that makes it a mana spell. Mana spells cannot affect light or physical matter so it CANNOT bend light.

Standard Invisibility
This spell makes the target unnoticeable by ANYTHING that resembles sight or technological means that adds to the visual spectrum. This include cyberware like ultrasound, radar sensor and the likes since the targets mind is fooled in believing that nothing is there. Even if it is an AR overlay from ultrasound the target is being fooled that the ultrasound shows nothing.

Improved Invisibility
Like the standard invisibility but this one also fools drones, vehicles and technological devices like hand held scanners, motion sensors etc.

Then we have the physical manipulation spell “Bend light? that uses the invisibility spell rules from SR4.

Forget the bending of light or fooling of the mind to believe you aren't there. The invisibility spells are ILLUSION spells. Illusions are all theoretically fake and... for lack of a better term, illusory.

Think of it as a modification of the Camouflage spell. Only the spell coloring you clear.
Camouflage - This spell colors the subject in camouflage patter that mimics his surroundings.
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