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Full Version: Submersion
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Hi guys,

I have a Technomancer player who is about to undergo submersion.
I'm looking for ideas on how to roleplay the experience.
- What kind of events/tasks would be presented to the Technomancer?
- What kind of choices could I present her with?
- How would you describe the Resonance Realms?
- How can I involve the other characters in the experience?

I'm thinking of deciding the echo she gets depending on the actions she takes or choices she makes in the Resonance Realms.
My TM's submersion post on this forum
If you look around 10 posts down, you'll see the way I discribed it, though you dont have to use the exact same world/idea. Just use your imagination.

As for involving other characters in it... Unless they are TM's and have already submerged... I dont think you can.
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