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Prime Mover
I know it has been mentioned a few times in different Augmentation topics and in one Synner mentioned he would dig out his notes on a conversion for Guardian Angel nano implant. Been digging back through the posts and not seeing anything he posted after that. Am I missing it or did he just not post it?

And yes I know could houserule a savior medkit and nanohive in a modular cyber arm medkit but was wondering if Synner ever did post his conversion?
I didn't get round to posting the SR4 conversion. It's been a low priority and I've been a little too busy to chase it down in one of the 10 different drafts that particular chapter went through. I will post it as soon as I find the time.
Prime Mover
First things first, A big thanks from a happy SR fan.

Secondly I can only imagine what you go have to go through,the good the bad and ugly , some of which spills over onto the boards here.

Lastly definetly don't want to interrupt anything Arsenal or Unwired related so get back to work!

Prime Mover
After going back over nanoware section. The TCS,symbiotes, and biomonitor more then fufill what I was looking for. Only had Augmentation for few days, devoured as much as could before my weekend game and the one year old following me around keeps me distracted. Is if possible to implant Saviour medkit? In modular cyber arm medkit?
Rotbart van Dainig
Up until now, to (partially) replicate a Guardian Angel implant, or fully replicate a MedAlert you need:
  • a Nano-Biomonitor
  • one free 'slot' of a Nanite Hive
  • the Nanites of your choice (hard or soft) out of a Saviour Medkit

The Nanite Hive can support & control any kind of Nanites and thus, will happily keep the ones of the Saviour. If you get hurt, the Nano-Biomonitor registers where and activates the Saviour Nanites, directing them.
Rotbart van Dainig
Well, with that combo are still stuck on 'MedAlert' Level... any news?
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