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Full Version: Reading for the Hermetic Magician
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Zhan Shi
The following are all real books, chosen not only because they can provide good flavor to a Hermetic mage, but also because they are just plain interesting. These would also be good for Theurgists, Black Magicians, or the Twisted. Happy reading!

1. "Alchemy: The Great Secret", by Andrea Aromatico

2. "The Black Arts", by Richard Cavendish

3. "Raising Hell: A Concise History of the Black Arts-and Those Who Dared to Practice Them", by Robert Masello

4. "Secret Societies: From The Ancient And Arcane To The Modern And Clandestine", by David V. Barrett

5. "The Devil", by Amelia Wilson. The most highly recommended on this list. A clear, concise hardcover, reasonably priced ($21.95), quality printing and binding, filled with vivid paintings, drawings and woodcuts. Synopsis: a history of the idea of the Adversary, from ancient Sumeria/Babylonia/Mesopotamia, to modern times. The one drawback: it focuses exclusively on the western perception of evil. Players wanting to see a more eastern/oriental approach must look elsewhere.

6. "The Book Of Black Magic", by Arthur Edward Waite. An actual grimoire, written origianly in the late 1800's. Somewhat arcane (pun intended), but interesting nonetheless. I would NOT attempt the rituals, however, as many of them could lead to, shall we say, legal troubles.
Other reading:

"De Magia", Giordano Bruno (several translations available)

"Les Demeurs Philosophales," Fulcanelli (at least 2 translations available) - Fulcanelli has a number of interesting books on Renaissance hermeticism, numerology and alchemy.
And just for the historically minded:

The Malleus Maleficarum
[1486], translated by Montague Summers [1928]
The old Catholic Church's guide on how to find, try, and kill a witch.

And a list on Beliefnet of other currently available books, about paganism and earth based spirituality.
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