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Full Version: Cyberzombie,Cyborg
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Prime Mover
This might be one those things I'm simply missing but thought I'd toss it out there and ask.

I found price for CCU for cyborg but not CZ creation costs.

So Whats cost beyond obvious ware to get turned into a CyberZombie?
And what are upkeep costs for both CZ and Borg?
The cost to create a CZ is variable, as you have to pay 10k per day and the number of days involved is variable. Also, you're paying for delta ware, which varies in price massively depending upn what you get.

Prime Mover
Thanks, hehe Was actually just rereading over part about variable time as looked up at your reply. GUessing both CZ and Borg require 2k + month in upkeep?

EDIT: 2000 Nuyen a month in CZ costs and 2000 nuyen a week for Cyborg (covering both jarhead maintence and the drone/vehicle itself) per Aug. (Found it!)
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