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I normally don't make posts like this, as I prefer to look things up myself, but I'm at work right now and I don't have my books.

How exactly does the BattleTac system work? I know there are external units and cyber units and that it all ties in with the Small Unit Tactics skill. I also remember that the more ports and senses the master unit is plugged into, the better it works, but for the life of me I can't remember the details of it.

Does anyone feel like taking the time to help me out? If not, I guess I can wait till I get home, but it would be nice to have the info sooner than later.
This won't tell you everything: I had to look through 3 books to get everything:

Man & Machine
Cannon Companion
Rigger 3

I don't have the tables with me either, but....

Text slush: BattleTac allows a group to basically get displays of where their
freinds are, where their enemies are, and sometimes terrain. This makes them more effective as a group, and also allows indirect fire at enemies a group member may not be able to see.

Rules: A BT master unit adds extra dice to Small Unit Tactics, depending on
how many different sensors are hooked in to it through a BT network. This is found
in the last column of the Tactical Computer description in M&M.

A BT link (slave unit) hooks sensors into the network, and allow the user to make use of the system for indirect fire and stuff.

The Cybernetic master unit is an augmented Tactical Computer. The Non-Cyber unit is external, DNI-equipped gear that can interface with display links, goggles, a wrist viewscreen, etc., and only grants the last column of the Tactical Computer bonuses, based only on the sensors hooked to the system (as it's not integrated with the user's brain and senses as much).

The BTac Cyberlink is a cyber version of the BT link that allows better use of the BT network by a linked soldier. This translates to lower target numbers on the Small unit tactics skill test.

All BT gear still requires a radio or Tactical communications system to transmit/receive the data.

To hook drones into the network, you need IVIS and FDDM modules on a remote control deck, and appropriate upgrades for the drones.

The Cyber versions are described by M&M & CC. The use of the non-cyber versions have been extrapolated using the limited information given in CC (they have prices and weights, but no detailed descriptions).

Good luck.
This is one of the best examples of poor writing and/or editing in the rules. It is poorly explained and either the editor didn't know what the writer was trying to explain, or chopped it to pieces so no one can figure out how the thing works. Spreading it out among multiple books does not help at all.

The old Tactical Computer was usable, since they've changed the rules, it is a mess I try to avoid.
Yeah, last night I broke open my books and starting going through everything trying to make sense of it. I think I figured it out, but it was real messy and hard to figure out. Maybe someone can do a write-up on it and post to a website for a clear place we can get the rules from?
What exactly did the old Tactical Computer do? I hear it was far better than the current version, but I haven't played SR2 since '54 or so.

Let me grab my good ol' Shadowtech book and put up the major specs...

Each individual extra sense (low-light, thermo, etc...) type present increases the level by 1. Orientation System raises it by 2.

It can mark/track and project predicted movements of a number of targets equal to its rating plus the user's Int. To mark, it must make a success test as if it were a shotgun. Extra success should be noted, denotes Success Level.

Adds dice equal to Success Level to all combat-related tests against target.

Is used as a bonus to, or replacement, of any existing Tactics Skills. Adds to the skill, not override it like Skillwire.

All functions are background tasks, requiring no Actions to perform. Reacquisitions can make new attempts only during the user's Action.

Users add Tac Com's rating to their Initiative. It cannot exceed his normal Reaction maximum.
Remember, kids: That is SR2. I'm sure SR3 went "No way!" and did away with most of that.

Also... I'll list price, Essence cost, street index, and availability just to blow your mind.

Level :: Essence :: Legality :: Price :: Street Index :: Availability
1 :: 3.5 :: 4-CB :: 350,000 nuyen.gif :: 4 :: 12/60 Days
2 :: 4 :: 4-CC :: 900,000 nuyen.gif :: 4 :: 12/60 Days
3 :: CLASSIFIED :: 2-CC :: CLASSIFIED :: -- :: --
4 :: CLASSIFIED :: 1-CC :: CLASSIFIED :: -- :: --
I always thought the battletac computers would make awesome additions to squad lieutenants. They'd not be expected to take part in the fighting, but to lead well.

Kinda like what the looey should have had in Aliens.

Sadly, the rules for this device are all over the place, and not all that clear.
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