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Prime Mover
For many years Aztec's behind the scene benefactor (s) have been hinted at. At one time or another that shadow master was linked to either a feathered serpent or in at least one case a "tainted" eastern dragon. In Augmentation theres a mention of both such drakes being involved.

Is there any reference I'm missing as to the identity of these Dragons?
Ancient History
Well, there is the fact that Dunkelzahn was on the board.
Prime Mover
Actually did'nt realize that till while back, read that on boards here. What was the extent of his involvement? It really changes my opinion of the old wyrm. At least he had decency to create the dragon heart to make amends. Or is that simply a small part of a much larger plan?
QUOTE (Prime Mover)
Or is that simply a small part of a much larger plan?

With dragons, it's always best to assume thusly.

I think Dunkelzahn had humanity's best interests at heart (in the grand scheme of things)... just that he went about achieving those ends in an exceedingly draconic manner.

Besides, sometimes one has to consort with Evil to find out what Evil is up to.
Actually the rumor was that the head of Aztechnology may be a Horror...

Check out AH's site for the annotated Aztlan book where the 'powers that be' hint at it...

AH's Annotated Aztlan discussion
Prime Mover
Was hinted that old Juan was horror tainted construct. An also hinted at that the Eastern dragon was tainted by horrors. And Mr. Darke actually was assisted by some horror type creatures. So safe to say the company is/was affected by at least 1 horror.
Whether they currently are or not is anyone's guess. Juan is dead, Darke is dead, and the most powerful sorceer on the board (Dunkelzahn) is dead.

So as to what it is that Inti Jiwana and Chicoaze actually want, that's been left deliberately unclear. I will say that Chicoaze is "The Sun" in old Aztec. Or more specifically the sixth sun (Aztechnology holds that they are living under the seventh sun). Inti Jiwana is old Quechua for "Eclipse of the Sun". You can read anything you want into the dichotomy there (Aztec vs. Incan; Previous Sun vs. Eclipsing Sun).

A bit of feed for your paranoia: Aztechnology gave very large "hiring bonuses" to powerful blood mages during the 2050s and made the Blood Mage Gestalt. The BMG is no more, but there is now another group that is doing much the same thing: TYhe Draco Foundation. Here's the actual bequest:

QUOTE (Dunk's Will)
To further encourage an end to the use of blood magic by Aztechnology and other parties, I offer a bounty of 1 million nuyen on any blood mages captured alive and delivered to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research for the purposes of studying the effects of blood magic use on metahumanity. I further authorize the Draco Foundation to provide suitable rewards for the receipt of verifiable accounts of blood magic use, the rewards to reflect the usefulness of the information provided.

OK. Read that again a few more times. Nothing in there actually impedes blood magic in any way. They will pay you cash money for describing to them in detail how blood mages do their thing. The payments are determined by how useful it is. They will also pay you a million nuyen if you bring them a practicing blood mage alive.

Think about it. It's not a fund to eradicate blood magic, it's an industrial espionage and research grant!

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