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Full Version: Where can i find d6 with the shadowun logo in it?
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Hey guys, i'm very interested in this dice here:
Shadowrun dice
Someone knows where can i find it? I'm looking for a store that sells worlwide.

Thanks for the attention, chummers!
Search is your friend!

So am I apparently since I did up the Search for you, although I must admit it was quite simple as click-Shadowrun dice-select Any Date-click.
Thanks a lot, chummer! I'll see what i can do to grab a few of those rare dice...
FWIW, at Gencon I had some custom Chessex dice made for my Spycraft character. They were awesome. D6s are the cheapest, and any simple logo can be added. You can also add fun text that relates to your character. Things like "Hack This!" or "Magic, Baby!" or "In Yer Face" or "Troll Power!" can be super cool for your PC.

You can also have some faces left blank, or even customize the color (black on black, so the pips are there but don't show, for example).


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