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Full Version: Names for versions of VR
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I am trying to come up with some terms for different versions of VR. They are sort of differing points of view with VR.

OK you have pure VR. This means that the rooms don't reflect any reality beyond the virtual. They are like VR chat rooms with nice VR furniture.

Then there is VR generated to watch over the physical. This could be from different angles or whatever. The idea is that you take all the information from many cameras and sensors and render it as a VR room that you may or may not be constrained by. For example you could have a person in VR meet with a person in RL. The VR reflects the same room that the RL does. You would be able to go through doors but not walls. This would allow for a telecommuting experience along with RL people. You could also have the security mode version which would put you into a sort of No Clipping Mode so that you can walk through walls and be invisible to people so that you can monitor without being seen. This would also apply to hackers.

Then there would be VR from the point of view of the RL people. They have a room with overlaid images of people that are not really there that they can talk with and interact on a limited basis.

Now all of this can be called VR but I think that people would develop terms to deal with the differences.

Any ideas?
Maybe there are terms already in Shadowrun that I am missing.
Ok I realized that the view from RL to VR is called Augmented Reality.

So what is the view from VR to RL called?
A display?
Well it's more immersive then just a display. It is like Augmented Reality but from the other direction. I want to be able to differentiate it from AR and pure VR. It is some sort of Mixed RL and VR but it is not really augmenting something you would already see so it isn't really AR.

I am not sure what to call it.

Any other ideas?
Holodeck? wink.gif
A virtual holographic display?
Caine Hazen
I think the missing piece here is knowing the difference between AR and VR. AR is an overlay. You still see and react with the real world, the augmentation is an overlay of information to this. VR is full immersion. At this point your optic nerve gets cut off from seeing reality and you are immersed into whatever the system generates for your brain to process.

If you're looking for other term, Enhanced reality, The Overlay, Augmented or Enhanced vision could be used. For VR you can go by Full Immersion, The Matrix, The Net or any of the classic cypherpunk type terms
Sculpted Host or Reality Filter
Maybe Enhanced Reality.
That could work.
Thanks guys!
I think you're looking for the term "Mirror World" or "Metaverse".

The buzzword definitions are still in flux, but here's a good guideline:

and other definitions/discussions through googlefu.

Hope this helps.
Well it looks like Mirror World would be another name for VR and Metaverse would be another name for the Matrix. I like the terms though.

Actually thank you for the link.

What I was actually thinking was reversing the metaphor somehow. If Augmented Reality is like looking into the Looking Glass (ie the Mirror World), then what is it called when you are in the Looking Glass looking out?
Well, not exactly. A metaverse is indeed like the Matrix as a whole, but a metaverse is also any virtual world, like Second Life. So in SR4 terminology, the Matrix and any Reality Filter as well as any Ultraviolet node or game world would be a metaverse.

A mirror world is like Google Earth: a representation of the real world with extra stuff added. So your example of a virtual representation of a real office where the hacker's icon could walk around and go through walls and doors would be a mirror world. I guess a mirror world that is composed of up-to-the-nanosecond information from sensors might be called a "real-time mirror world". The mirror representation might be two way, allowing people in the real location to see virtual visitors using AR.

Of course remember that these mirror worlds are not like the astral plane, they aren't necessarily physically located in the same spot as the real world locations they represent. The node of a mirror world representing an office building in Tokyo could easily be hosted in Nevada or on a satellite in low earth orbit.
How about Emergent Reality. It sounds nice. It reflects that objects are emerging from the physical into the Virtual. It reflects that transition that is occurring. It has collation with the Techmancer's Emergence. It sounds cool. I like it!
I don't know about the use of "Emergent Reality." It seems that the term, "Emergence" is being used more and more as the Resonance analogous to "Awakening," as in Emergent:Resonance::Awakened:Magic. What's being described here is created by a device.
Well I was looking for a word that reflects the hybrid nature of VR viewing and incorporating the physical.

I see your point though.

I just don't know of something else that captures it's transitional nature and I want it to reflect the differences from AR and pure VR. I would like to have some term that maybe reflects the observational aspect. I was even thinking about ghost analogies because the VR avatar would seem like a ghost - able to see the world but not effect it. But that would get confusing in Shadowrun with real Ghosts.

Any other ideas?
I think I may have to go with Observational Reality. It reflects the limited control from a VR standpoint and the look but can't effect aspect. It is also a prime use for the mode.
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