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Full Version: Denver 2070
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just wondered if Denver was mentioned in any sourcebooks after the Ghostwalker incident? Ok, I know that the Missions probably have a lot of information, but is somewhere an "Update" for the old Denver box?

Shadows of North America
There was also an update (done for SR Missions I believe) in Commando Quarterly in January 2006. You can find it here.
Hope that helps!
That's excatly what I searched, thanks.
It has not been updated yet to SR4, but hopefully it will be included in one of the later city highlight books like Runner Havens.

The Missions writers took Denver Boxed set, SoNA, DoSW, and a handful of what ifs to create the shared experience of Denver. With luck, some of the material that we worked out which never made its way into a Mission will be distributed elsewhere.
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