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Full Version: Police Surveillance Drones
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Coming soon to a street near you! Well if you live in the UK at least. Someone from a mailing list I'm on posted this Wired article about how the British police are already using them. Here's the article with embedded YouTube video. Combine that with the fact we apparently have the most CCTV cameras in the world and the cameras set up on the motorways that can automatically look out for and track vehicles and the future is practically now. smile.gif
I'm not normally one to do this, but I so rarely get the chance before someone else does.

To be fair, Slump, the article you linked to was in the wrong forum nyahnyah.gif I hadn't see the article before FlakJacket posted it here.
True, true. But it was still only a 3 day old post. Plus, the other drone is kinda nifty, even though they only have CG of it being invisible...
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