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Full Version: Something in Emergence that made me giggle
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From the description of AIPS....It shares pathologies with, among other things, Gordon's Syndrome.

In other words, it shares pathologies with renal failure?

It was (I presume unintentionally) funny to see. Mental illness, mental illness, mental illness....RENAL FAILURE?
Wounded Ronin
Well, my mind is in the gutter, hence my kidneys are akin to my mind. Yeah...
Where did you get that Gordon Syndrome is Renal failure? I looked it up here:

And it sounds basically like they found a lot of people with the apes had "permanent fixation of several fingers in a flexed position." Kind of like if they seized up while typing.

Don't mean to flame you just want to know more and getting conflicting info.
Gordon's Syndrome is different from Gordon Syndrome. You are both correct. On what page is this list of similar diagnoses in Emergence?
Cheops: I typed in "Gordon's Syndrome" into Wiki.

Augurer: Page 13. It says "Gordon's Syndrome", not Gordon Syndrome, yes.
I'm still pretty sure that they probably meant the one that I found. It seems to make sense. Although it is pretty damn funny as Renal Failure.
Ancient History
I could see Peaches Valentine as a victim of AIPS.
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