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Full Version: I'm hooked
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Well it's been a while since I started SR and so far I'm loving it. My group meets every Friday night and we've run some pretty interesting missions. Helps of course that the GM has GM'ed SR for years up to now and the other party members are familiar with RP'ing, I'm the only newbie.

Have had some good fire fights, some good sneaking around, and a lot of close calls. Fleshing out my character has been a lot of fun and now that I've got a more in depth back story the GM has been introducing more for my character to do and whatnot. And of course I've done a few things that nearly got me killed but managed to live another day.

I'm loving SR, sorry I didn't start earlier but alas.
Wounded Ronin
I'm glad to hear you're having fun.
Welcome to the party. cyber.gif
Kyoto Kid
...oy, welcome to the shadows mate.
Thanks all, I'll share a bit of info about the last run because between the other players and myself we came up with what I consider a good plan for a run that could easily go bad, and not only that but my character finally got to go 'inside' (sniper/covert ops, last few missions have mostly been doing the sniping thing but this time went in):

So there's an item that needs to be stolen from a secure warehouse, said warehouse shares the ground with a hospital and some other buildings that's fairly well guarded all around. The warehouse itself has some loading docks and a few doors but easier said than done to actually get into the place.

We come up with the following plan: My character is a dwarf and also double jointed, for quite a while they kept joking with me that they should just stuff me in a box and well, we did exactly that this turn. Got my decker friend to hack both into the warehouse and a courier service. I'm packed into a box and picked up by the courier service, which then travels on route to the warehouse to pick up the item we need and deliver it to a different warehouse. Mid-route I pop out of the box (luckily nothing was stacked on top of my box) check the other box for any electronics or whatnot, unlock it, pop out the item, place a similar looking item back into the box, lock it up, hop back in my box with the item we need.

I get dropped off at a location where someone our Johnson set up to receive the package. Dude doesn't know I'm in the box and when it gets dropped off he decides to sit on the box and wait for whatever is next. The mage and phys ad in the group have been following the truck just to make sure I get out ok, but they don't want to go to the box to pick me up just in case. Mage goes astral and then appears (sorry can't remember the name for the word) near the guy sitting on the box and asks the guy to get off the box, of course he freaks out not knowing who is talking to him... I slowly open the lid to the box and wave my hand saying "Don't shoot!" he freaks out and ducks behind the box holding out his gun, I pop up, say hi, and high-tail it out of there with the item, sweating like hell having sat in a box for hours on end in the back of a courier truck.

We get said item to our Johnson, no gun shots fired, no police chasing us, etc. However we were tailed by another group, our mage while astral saw someone much bigger than him following us, with a mage blade that was more powerful than him... which I'm sure we'll see again in the future but at least this job was successful, and I finally got to go inside, even if by the end I was sweating head to toe.
Zhan Shi
Welcome to 2070, chummer. Or, given recent topics of discussion, perhaps I should say "welcum". biggrin.gif
Kyoto Kid
...considering he mentioned one of the characters was a decker, more like "welcome to 2060". grinbig.gif
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