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Full Version: RFID Jammer
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Emperor Tippy
What happens when your runner grabs some tech and misses an RFID tag, or heaven forbid, gets a stealth tag stuck on them? Someone tracks you. Tag Erasers don't work on security tags and stealth tags are hard to find, making them less likely to get erased. It is also odd to see a person with no RFID tags on them in the Shadowrun universe. Tag Erasers are forbidden and pretty much everything has an RFID tag in/on it.

Well RFID tags all have a signal rating of 1. Even the weakest comlink has a signal rating of 2. So buy a rating 2 jammer and keep it on you. Any RFID tag placed on you is jammed.

Now I want a custom jammer that instead of jamming all tags within 5 meters (a fairly large area), just jams the ones on my body. (2 or 3 meter range).

After a run or meet you can go into your Faraday cage and find all the stealth or security tags, which you then destroy. But when you want to blend in (or if your a SINer) you just turn off the jammer and all the sudden you look like everyone else.
Doesn't someone have to be within the RFID Tag's Signal range in order to track it?
Zhan Shi
Not quite what you're looking for, but dosn't SR4 have a tag eraser in the equipment section?
Emperor Tippy
Yes. I mentioned it in my post. But it doesn't work on security tags and you have to know where a stealth tag is to use it on 1 of those. It also means that you walk down the street with no RFID tags broadcasting which looks really odd when everything you buy legally has at least 1 in/on it and the only way to wipe them is with an illegal piece of gear.

So take the gear you buy, erase all of the tags and replace them with the kind you can edit. When your o na run or meet you turn on the jammer. Any tags that got put on you are jammed so you can't be followed or bugged. Once you are back inside a wifi inhibiting room you look for any bugs and whack them with a hammer.

When you want to look legit you just turn off the jammer and all of those little RFID tags on your clothes start broadcasting again.
Zhan Shi
Ah, so sorry. I missed that.

Sounds like a fine idea to me. Just an extended roll with Hardware, maybe you'd need some knowledge in Electronic Warfare.
QUOTE (deek)
Doesn't someone have to be within the RFID Tag's Signal range in order to track it?

If it is in range of other nodes that are broadcasting then you can leap frog through nodes to the tag.
Emperor Tippy
And inside the sprawl your almost always in range of a matrix node.
Thyme Lost
Does your shadowrun need a RFID Jammer?
RFID Guardian

They should have completed a couple more versions of that by 2070.
Ol' Scratch
All of your RFIDs (excluding unknown Stealth Tags) should be part of your PAN and fully at your command as far as when and what they broadcast. Especially since anyone with a standard off-the-shelf commlink can read them. The only thing that's hard to do is find their physical location, not their existence.

Note the use of the word "should."
The standard jammer should work for RFID tags just like normal. The tags themselves aren't being jammed, not could they be. They're passive, only transmitting when a signal induces them to. The jammer should block the RFID scanner like it would any other radio transmitter. The trick is that the scanner should be able to indicate that an active jammer is present pretty easily.
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