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Hey, I was wondering if someone could give me the rundown on a few tribes Native American tribes that are glossed over in SR4, specifically the Salish, the Tsimshian, and the Haida.

Just stuff like what the heck have these groups done, flesh out the details listed in SR4 a bit. Thanks!
Most of it is in previous editions of SR

Zhan Shi
"Native American Nations", volumes one and two; i believe they were for SR1. But whatever the edition, they'll have what you're looking for.
Check out Shadows of North America (3rd Edition). Info there is updated from the original NAN 1 and 2 books.
New Seattle also has a bit of stuff about the Salish and its sub-tribes in the immediate vicinity of Seattle.
OK, here's what I specifically need - I'm writing a bio for a character in a new game. I'm planning on making him Salish and giving him ties to the Salish smugglers who operate near and inside Seattle.

Thing is, I was planning on having a lot of his background be tied up with the whole Salish/Tsimshian thing.

It had been my understanding that the Tsimshian invaded and oppressed a portion of the Salish-Shidhe Council, and that they cooperated with MCT to ravage the earth in formerly Salish territory, even oppressing Salish natives....

Then I read SR4 and it seems the other way that there was tension between Tsimshian and Salish, but that nobody occupied the other's territory until after MCT pulled out.

So as you see, this has significant impact on my character. I was initially going to build him as quietly vengeful against anyone Tsimshian - but in order to do that, I want to have the proper reasons behind that.

Can anyone help me fill these gaps?
Zhan Shi
The Tsish opressed the Haida, a minority tribe within the nation. The Tsish invited MCT in and gave them carte blanche to do all sorts of nasty things. The SSC did'nt like that, and tensions flared in to open war. See Shadows of North America, and System Failure.

The Tsim used bio and chem weapons on the Salish.

FYI, most of the smuggling thru the Salish area is controled by the Cascade Orc Tribe, and they are mostly Orcs/Trolls as the name implies.

The TSims were pretty a pretty extreme facist society, and still are under Salish control, as the Salish have placed the formerly oppressed Haida in charge.

Most of the military in the SSC is made up from people from the Makah tribe ( i actually know a bit about this guys, my cousin married into the tribe and her Father-in-Law is a tribal elder. Went to the reservation for the wedding. ) They are based in the northwest corner of washington. They have access to a former airforce base and a submerine base. The have a huge fishing fleet and control vast timber interests. They are dry ( alcahol is prohibited by Tribal law ) and they do not allow gambling.

Hope that helps.

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