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Full Version: Edge and Extended Tests
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Something just occurred to me. When I've had people throw Edge during an Extended Test, I've interpreted the rule that only allows Edge once per test to mean that Edge can only be used on one interval of an Extended Test, but you can use Edge during any interval you want.

Is that the way you all handle it, too? I could see an alternate theory which would allow someone to declare the use of Edge prior to any intervals and then expect to add their Edge to all intervals in the Test.
QUOTE (SR4 pg.67 Spending Edge)
When you spend a point of Edge you can choose to have one of the following happen:
- You may declare the use of Edge before rolling for any one test (or one interval roll on an Extended Test).

I interpret that as you can use Edge on each interval roll if you wish. Just means that you'll be out of Edge for the session that much sooner.

I see this being useful if you have one of those tasks that you

Yep, I agree with eidolon. If for some reason rushing the test in half the time isn't an option (or if, heaven forbid, you're already rushing it and you're still screwed), feel free to spend edge per interval, by all means.
I'm pretty sure Scotty uses Edge on several intervals of Extended tests all the time. biggrin.gif
The only potential issue I could see coming up is that some tests are so long (software coding, for example), that you could feasibly have Edge refresh itself before the interval is up. It's not really that big of a deal though; such issues are pretty rare and usually centered on downtime, which pretty much makes it a non-issue anyway. After all, who cares if it takes you one week or a month if the GM is just going to wave his hands and say "And 2 months have passed..." regardless?
Interesting. Apparently, I've been being really harsh.
I don't allow edge use in downtime rolls because you are not under stress.
The only downtime edge I allow is binding spirits, or something else that is potentially deadly/harmful that hasn't come up yet. But, no edging negotiations test for EQ, no edging B and R tests etc. unless they are in a stressfull situation(during a run.) I don't want to have to calculate when edge refreshes in reference to exactly when the last time you used it during downtime was.

I allow downtime edge use - with the caveat that the runners know they will be starting the next run without that edge having refreshed...

"Yes, very good, you acquired that shiny new gun/whatzit in your downtime... now do you have the edge left to dodge that incoming hunk-o-lead?"

I would handle it like Arashi: Allow downtime edge use - but the edge is then normaly not available for the next run...
Do you guys refresh edge at the start of every run? I tend to give it back one point at a time roughly once or twice during a run.
At the moment we're playing mostly "short" runs that take 4-5 hours, so it's normal to refresh at the beginning of a session, because every session is one run. As I said, I would allow to refresh to edge directly after the run for downtime usage - but then it doesn't refresh at the beginning of the next session. That's just a balancing thing, imho. Otherwise, downtime rolls would be much to easy.
Eryk the Red
I refresh at the beginning of almost every session (unless the session ends in the middle of the action). Since Edge refresh is linked to the session, rather than a period of in-game time, using Edge during downtime rarely poses a problem. I tend to resolve downtime at the beginning of a session, so any Edge they blow then is gone for the run they're going on (which they rarely know anything about at that point).

I've also had no reason to feel that spending Edge on multiple tests in an extended test is any more unbalanced than spending Edge normally, on single tests. If you spend Edge on one thing, you can't spend it on something else. It's a trade-off, as always.
I generally refresh Edge anytime the characters have a chance to stop and catch their breath. (Some characters have stopped when they shouldn't to catch their breath and refresh, which allows their pursuers to catch up, but at least they get their Edge back.)

As far as downtime Edge use, I allow standard use of edge during downtime, with the limitation of their edge pool. Edge does not refresh in downtime but will at the beginning of the run.
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