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Full Version: Hell Toupee
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Shadow Spirit (Flesh Form toupee)

Force 4

Body 5
Strength 8
Agility 7
Reaction 5
Willpower 5
Charisma 3
Logic 3
Intuition 4

Edge 4
Magic 4

Reach -2
Movement Rate 5/20

Astral Form-
Aura Masking*
Immunity to Normal Weapons*
Realistic Form*
Dual Nature*
Movement (Self Only)
Compulsion (Touch Range Only)
Desire Reflection
Energy Drain (Karma; touch range, murder)
Magical Guard

Active Skills
Unarmed Combat
Astral Combat
Athletics Skill Group

The Hell Toupee will use its Desire Reflection power on any bald or balding man in the vicinity to appear to be the best hairpiece ever. Those tempted to pick it up will soon find themselves at the Hell Toupee's mercy as it uses superhuman strength to latch onto its victim' head so that it cannot be removed and uses its Compulsion Power to force its victim to commit as many murders as possible, gaining karma each time, and moving on once the victim is killed or captured. The Hell Toupee tends to escalate, starting with small subtle murders but eventually having its victims go on wild killing sprees.
The Hell Toupee can be a formidable opponent in physical or astral combat, but it is limited due to its small size. When confronted directly by someone who recognizes it as the Hell Toupee, its primary combat technique is to run using its Movement (Self) power. If forced to fight, the Hell Toupee will attempt to disorient his opponent and crawl on top of his head (treat as Subduing). Once successfully perched, the Hell Toupee will usually attempt to compel the enemy into committing murders himself; though it probably has the common sense to have compel a suicide from its enemy, it prefers suicide by cop after a long killing spree.

Removing the Hell Toupee from the head of a victim requires a Strengthx2 vs Strengthx2 opposed test.

Note that the Hell Toupee can easily perch itself atop a haired person if given the opportunity.

Very nice.
Awesome! grinbig.gif
Zhan Shi
Sounds like an artifact from "Friday the 13th: The Series".
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