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It says that a TM can thread a complex form to increase a rating.

But I can't find if it takes any actions to do this or is it instant?

Also if they thread a form for a single roll, does that roll suffer the -2 for sustaining or is that simply if they keep the form threaded until the next IP/Turn
behold, the Online FAQ!

the power of quasi-errata is yours! =P

[edit] but if you're too lazy, it takes no action to thread, and you do not suffer the sustaining penalty when using the complex form you are threading (although the penalty from sustaining other threaded complex forms would apply) [/edit]
/smack myself in the head.

I forget that resource is there. Usually I search the boards for info before I post.

Sorry and thanks!
This does lead to strange situations. For example taking matrix damage....

While i'm soaking the damage (or lets say 0.00001ms before this) I decide I want to thread Armor. You can do this easily, and potentially take more damage or less damage as a result depending on how you survive the fading.

For those with active imaginations. Hacker A launches an onslaught of attacks on Technomancer B. B is surrounded by explosions and other awesome particle effects. The dust settles and A looks in amazement as his foe stands there unscathed in the matrix equiv of mil-spec hardened armor.
Technomancers like that actually resemble the book described hackers more than normal hackers do.


EDIT: For example in Wolf and Raven Valerie(I think, I haven't read it in years) adapted her attack program on the fly to destroy an opposing IC and fly through a backdoor crashing the system when previously the IC had been able to completely ignore her attack.
Bah, I still say that this silliness is handled by simply applying "-2 for each attempt" rule.

Of course, I also think throwing heavy objects at anyone wasting valuable table time like is is a perfectly good solution as well so your milage may vary. cyber.gif
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