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Full Version: Red lineing cyber limbs?!
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There are many threads kicking about these boards bemoaning that cyber limbs suck in SR3. Save for cost I do not find the cyberlimb to shabby and after rereading everything, I believe I can see what the dev's had in mind. I do however think the elegant simplicity of the rule system in SR4 and some of the background abilities of cyberlimbs would be an interesting addition to SR3.

The new rule set for SR4 has caught my imagination concerning redlining your cyber limb. For the SR3 (or earlier) purists, this rule allows the owner of the limb to disable safety limits on the limb to operate above average performance. However there is a cost, in that this unsafe practise strains the body attached to the limb.

Here is what I, help by my players, have come up with as house rule.

A character with a cyberlimb can increase either it's effective strength or quickness by up to twice its normal stat in that category.
For every point of increase the character takes a box of stun damage with a power of 5, per combat turn.
This damage is resisted with body and for every two successes reduce the damage by one level as per standard rules. In the case of damage not fully filling a damage level, stage down rounding up to the next full damage level.

The elegance is lost in translation but I have reduce the level of damage from SR4 to correspond to the reversed damage track of SR3. I have also included the SR3 method of staging down to help reduce the modifier curve difference between systems. There is an imperfect benefit due to the wound modifier categories delineations but this is true of all simple numerical systems.

My hope in posting this is to see it analysed by more people.
Please refrain from SR4 is shit and don't bring it into SR3 comments. Please attempt to be constructive.
QUOTE (Pendaric)
Please refrain from SR4


Here is a similar rule from M&M using stress points (damage boxes in other words) which we interpreted to include cybernetically enhanced attributes, though we often lazily ignored stress rules.
Stress for Attribute Dice
Under certain circumstances, the gamemaster may allow characters who are stretching their abilities to willingly take an Attribute wound effect (1D6/2 Stress Points) in exchange for an extra die for an Attribute Test (the wound effect and extra die must both apply to the same Attribute). This option should be allowed only when the character is pushing the Attribute to the limit. Only one die may be obtained in this manner per test. This rule applies only to Attribute Tests or when defaulting to an Attribute. A Skill Test cannot receive an extra die this way.

There's been many versions of cyberware damage & stress rules. A comprehensive system to cover stress/redlining any cyberware would be good.
Yes, i looked in to the stress system and really tried to make it fit with red lining.
Its a better description for two reasons, firstly it is the system for SR3 and secondly the implications in SR3 is that you can have up to three strength/ quickness points of enhancement with out stressing the body futher.
However it is all or nothing event when the Stress system is used.
Your implant either fails or continues to function a bit damaged but otherwise uneffected.
Consequently it is more open to abuse by careful choice of the extent you red line your limb. Eg you damage the limb with a few points of stress suffering no ill effects, go get that repaired and repeat.

My stress point version of this rule goes thus:
A character with a cyber limb can increase the strength or quickness of the limb up to twice the relevant stat.
For every point of increase to the limb, divide by 2 and apply the result as stress points to the limb at the end of the turn. Immediatly take a stress test when the stress points are added. Repeat as necessary.

A simpilifed stress/repair system would be useful but damn tricky, currently I run with Ref fiat.
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