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Full Version: Super Squirt and Called Shots
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Ok under the description of a Ares S-III Super Squirt it only has to hit the target for the DMSO laced agent to effect the target. Armor does not appear to be a factor in the defense against it.

Now then is the only time a firer of the Super Squirt needs to take a Called Shot, is when the target has Chemical Protection, if the target has chemical seal that makes them immune the Super Squirt.

So if the target was Chemical Protection rating of 6 and a firer of a Super Squirt calls a Called Shot, then the firer has a -6 dice to his firing roll. If the firer hits then the chemical agent of the Super Squirt affects the target. Since the DMSO based agent only need contact.

Is the above a fairly accurate description of how a called shot would take place?

Without reading the rules, I'd buy it.

Remember also that the Super Squirt user still hits on a tie (zero net hits, that is).
Interesting since most use Narcojet, which is power 10S then only a Toxin resistance test. Average of body of 3 with no toxin resistance methods means average dice target has 7S to target.

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