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This maybe a dumb question, What exactly does the R and F mean in the availability of Gear, there isn't anything that describes it directly in the BB
R is restricted meaning with a special license you could have it.
F is forbidden meaning no one should have it outside of the Government/Militaries.

BBB page 300 black sidebar and page 303 under Legality.

Thanks, I'm retarded.

Although I'll blame it on lack of sleep.
Im pretty sure it explains somewhere in the core book but here goes anyway:

R = Restricted: Ergo if you have a license for it you will usually be ok although in some places it may just be downright restricted. Special rules for said places will probably describe such but we wont get into that. Basically if it has an R next to it then you need a license, or a fake one at least nyahnyah.gif.

F = Forbidden: Exactly what it says on the tin. Such equipment is forbidden, not even a license can help you with this gear. If you have it then don't get caught with it basically.
Man now I feel retarded lol
QUOTE (Briggan)
Man now I feel retarded lol

don't worry it happens to the best of us
Eye R Retarded Two rotfl.gif

NP mate, hope it helps.

The way I see it, legality also affects costs. "F" items cost 50% more on the streets and "R" items or services have a 20% markup. This is justified by the BBB page 303 and the street costs chart, I just assume that, for example, "f" rated items are permanently under a police enforcement crackdown and so on...

Also, don't forget that licenses for R items are tied to a (fake) SIN. Once that identity is burned, so are all licenses associated to it. And try to have a good explanation handy when they ask why a "corporate secretary" was issued a SMG license... : S


I'd want my secretary to have an SMG if I was a big shot executive. One of the risks of fantastic year on year results is that you might get extracted to work at somewhere crappy like GM wink.gif
Nah, you'd never want someone that close to you that armed. After you gave them a poor year end review, do you really want them to have a FA capable weapon nearby? Better to leave that in the hands of your capable bodyguards who get better pay anyway.
"F" and "R" items are things you might buy fake licenses for.
Nah, I don't reckon you can get even a fake license for an F-rated item; they're verboten, rather than just restricted.
As long as your type of ID covered it, I don't see why not.
QUOTE (raggedhalo)
Nah, I don't reckon you can get even a fake license for an F-rated item; they're verboten, rather than just restricted.

This is why I used the word "might".
Your Licence would have to be Corp Security or Military, and probably with a reason to have that item with you at that time . . . .

Lonestar Cop
"And why do you have a heavy machine gun on the back seat of your car"

"Well, Things get pretty tough in the checkout aisle of the multi mart . . ."
I think corp sec only in their own extra territorial property. I can't think of any reason for anyone short of the military for example to use a Panther cannon.

Now that's not to say that Lone Star might not have a few cannons and/or rockets hanging around for absolute emergencies, but I'm talking major emergencies like a super armoured up Bulldog with a HMG running around downtown.
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