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Full Version: Old School - Running SR4 in 2050
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I'm getting back in to SR after many a year.

I'm thinking of starting the campaign in 2050. I ran a 10 year SR campaign and the only two players from my old campaign came in half way through.

There is just way too much good stuff from that time period for me to not start it there.

The easy way is to just run it using the 4th rules but I want to have some of the old school flavor of a Decker or Rigger jacking in and leave plenty of room for SOTA to advance.

The easiest thing to do would be say that there is no full VR unless you are jacked in and Hackers still need Decks instead of Commlinks. Nearly everyone has a commlink of some sort and the well off often have Headware Commlinks.

All the commlink stuff is still there (so limited wireless hacking can still happen), but nothing too critical or too high bandwidth (Like VR) runs wireless. You have to have a backpack sized Rigger Control Unit to remote rig a drone or Satellite uplink to wirelessly run the matrix in VR.

I like Hackers/Deckers being able to rig, but to give it the 2050 feel, we could say that you need VCR to get the full benefit of Rigging. Decker running in emulation just run slower and have less control. Maybe a Reaction bonus for the riggers (+1 per VCR level) and emulation Rigging software runs one Initiative Pass slower than a rigger with a VCR. The decker can still do better than any one not jacked in to the vehicle but a Rigger will usually beat him every time.

The thread "Rebooting the world?, SR4 in a 50's setting" had some interesting stuff in it and I was wondering if anyone had anything to add?

I would simply have a look at the SR2 rules... Then you just have to convert the equipment and bingo. You're ready. Some prices will be higher, so it would perhaps be a nice idea to change the BP costs of equipment.
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