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Full Version: I need a ruling on cybereyes.
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Hello all,

A quick question pertaining to cybereyes: When I apply the cost multiplier for Alpha/Beta/Deltaware for a set of cybereyes (or any other capacity containing device) do I multiply the cost of the basic unit, or all the stuff inside as well? Thanks in advance for the info.
No book on hand, but I believe it has always been the case that any components placed into a piece of ware must be the same grade as the ware. So both the eyes and the upgrades would need to have their costs multiplied.
Aristotle is correct. Note last sentence below.

SR4 pg 303...

Cyberware and bioware is available in four grades: standard, alphaware, betaware, and deltaware. Only standard and alphaware may be purchased at character creation. The prices for cyberware and bioware presented in this chapter are for standard 'ware (with the exception of cultured bioware, see p. 339). When purchasing implants of other grades, apply the Essence Cost and Cost adjustments as noted on the Implant Grades table (above).

Note that cyberware accessories must be of the same grade as the implant they are added to.
Components inside the eyes, however, take up no essence - just capacity.
Right, but you still adjust the cost.
Domo arigato, gentlemen.
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