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How long will it take them to go from teleoperating one drone to teleoperating two, or four? Or ten?
Defense Review Magazine
March 16, 2006

old news.

that being said, I'd like to see the after-action report. my feeling is that these robots are nowhere near mobile nor robust enough for urban combat.
Whoops. Am I eggy.

I shall now commit hari-kari... On the person who gave me that link insinuating it was new news.

Otherwise known as murder.

In any event, an after-action of that thing in action would be good. Sadly, they look like a good rifle round could put it seriously out of action. A grenade or an IED would just wipe it out, and there goes a quarter of a million dollar piece of hardware.

Still, sometimes that beats the alternative. In any event, it's a step, an important step.
the whole idea of ground-based combat drones is rather ridiculous, given current tech.

roto-drones with assault rifles would be far better, at least then you have the speed, manueverability, and lack of navigational problems taken care of.

the only issue is flying time.
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