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Full Version: The Templar Trial Transcripts
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Headline is awfully misleading, but the story is cool.

800 copies (Well, 799 + 1 for the Pope). $8,333 each.

To think, they'd misplaced the trial transcripts for 700 years because of...A cataloging error.

May the librarian who screwed that up have died in a painful way.
Funny propaganda smile.gif
The Catholic Church pretends they supported the Templar Order, but there is no record of the church protecting the order, their wipe out was done in all countries.
Also, i love the fact they pretend historians will be able to study the document like it was the true one.
The support is as important as the text, how could an historian give any credit to such copies ...
Remember the studies done on the "holy drape" ?
Historian said it was a hoax, made around the 14th century, so it was a historical artifact, but in no way a "holy relic".
The cardinal in charge of scientific matters replied : "If God wants to play with Carbone 14, who are we to argue ?" ...
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