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i am interested in what has hapened to area 51 between now and 2060.
and as a side note what do people think of running area 51 or if you already have are there any stories? biggrin.gif
In one book (i don't remember which) Tomtom claimed to have sunk inside. I don't remember what he saw, though.
Basically (and this is all speculation), the US moved all their crap out of Area 51 and the other bases that the NAN was taking over, then blew them up good. For Area 51 specifically, they took all the stuff and moved it to somewhere in Ohio I think, then Ares got their paws on it and Knight was seen talking with aliens.

All this is in Cyberpirates or Target: Smuggler Havens I believe...

The Abstruse One
The bit of information on Hawai'i from the back of Paradise Lost also mentions that the US moved a lot of its secret/important projects out to the Islands since they were out of the way of the Ghost Dance War and Native Americans stuck out over there, helping with security some. Just didn't figure on another independence movement and a couple of Thor shots. smile.gif Also mentions that there's a couple of the smaller remote Islands that no-one can get into thanks to a military cordon that splashes anything that tries - supposedly, it's to protect a group of back to nature freaks that decided to jack it in and go back to living like they did a couple hundred years back. :/
The government would have moved everything out of Area 51 after the Ghost war. I seem to remember something about Ohio too. Of course there's been so much effort by so many fan boys on the area for so long, my guess is there could be some considerable spirit activity around there. Imaging a fanboy, with the proper visa in the area seeing a desert spirit take the form of a 4 foot tall space alien with a large grey head and liquid black eyes.

Personally I think the RL base is a beard. The government maintains it so all the fan boys have a place to look while they really do top secret work elsewhere.
Crimsondude 2.0
That would be Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.
If you do a serach for Area 51 at Popular Mechanics you'll come across a couple of stories claiming that they decamped to a new place in Utah called White Sands Missile Range Utah Launch Complex, Area 6413 for short. Whether they're right about it is a whole other matter though. smile.gif I'd link direct but for some reason it doesn't seem to like that.
Wright-Patterson is the home of the USAF Museum incidently.
... which is also home to the (in)famous Hangar 18, where the USAF supposedly stored evidence from the Roswell incident for years. Makes it appropriate for getting the remnants of Area 51 in SR. cool.gif
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