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just got sr4 and augmentation. i've been trying to come up with characters (dont really know why because i have very little chance of getting into a game with my days off being wednesday and thurday). been kind of a trick for me. i tend to prefer adepts (conceptually...never played one). but i want him to be somewhat well rounded. my train of though is this...kind of like cain's son in the second tv series 'kung fu'. that is, he's had some formal training...both in close combat and the adept abilities he starts with. but it's been awhile, and he realizes a gun is a good idea. (not confident enough in the abilities to NOT use one when everyone else is). thus far, the best i could come up with (in theory anyway...keeping in mind the well roundedness) is the street sam template minus heavy weapons, add street ettiquette and change the qualities (mild allergy to a common substance to be determined with a gm if i get into a game) and sensitive system (makes sense to me). that and a re-allocation of points from money to stats gives him a magic of 5 and 40k nuyen. for equipment, keep the list the same, but lose the stoner-ares m202 and the docwagon contract. switch the bike for a harley. add smartglasses with lowlight, image link, anti flare, and magnification. (avail 12r and Y775). (seems like alot for glasses, but the rules dont seem to indicate any restrictions except availability).

yes, this isnt particularly original, but im looking for something that works and has some room to...change...and im actively AVOIDING anything that looks munchkinesque. (given the adept abilities i have im mind, they are usefull without borking him to one direction or another...and he would still be able to either focus on melee, or something else. (going back to the concept, cain's son was at some point in the show offered the opportunity to be initiated into the shao-lin temple [as signified by the tiger and dragon brands his father had] and passed on it, figuring he could do more good focusing on being a cop).

did a similar monkey-jiggering for a weapons specialist, but it doesnt quite fit what im looking for.

any thoughts?

and yes, i realize i dont need augmentation for this guy, but i understand tech better, and it's what they had in the store at the time...
If you want an adept, you need Street Magic, they expand heavily on the adept powers, with several new very interesting ones . . .

Have a look at those and see if your concept changes at all
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