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Full Version: Let me give you a Hand
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A question that i have not found an answer to . .
Cyber(fore)-Arm with Interchangeable Hand Mod . . whyt bonuses would that give to escape artist? I mean . . Handcuffs would be nothing more than a laughing Matter for someone with at least one Hand he can just drop off . .
"So i'm handcuffed am i? Ok, i grip my left hand with my right hand and give the mental command do popp off my left hand. After that i just pull my arm out of the handcuff and put the hand back on"
And if one were to expand said technic to the whole (fore)arm it would become even more effective in some cases . . those stupid cyber-ware-stopper-handcuff-thingies that gave you damage when activating weapoins like spurs or the such would be useless, as you don't really ACTIVATE something like that . . more like deactivate like an USB-Device before unplugging it from your Computer . . and if your HANDS are cuffed with them and you drop of your (fore)arm they can't hurt you while you remove them, as they are not attached to your body any more . . if you can do it one handed of course *g*
I think you've got your own answer. If someone is handcuffed, then with one of these, they don't need a bonus to escape artist, because the escape would be automatic. It's only if someone is bound hand and food, has their hands bound apart etc that you would start to need giving bonuses. Mostly though it would just be an automatic escape from what I can see.

Of course, when you are rolling, it could lead to a hand falling out of reach, which could offer many hours of fun smile.gif
QUOTE (NightRain)

Of course, when you are rolling, it could lead to a hand falling out of reach, which could offer many hours of fun smile.gif

Which is why the mage knows magic fingers. (Or to use a drone hand.)
i just assumed that there is no such thing as automatic successes . . . even with the optional rule about buying one success for every 3 or 4 dice in your pool, there is still no AUTOMATIC success . . you have to buy them and don't just simply GET them . . also if one were to make the hand a drone hand, who would care about it falling out of reach? it just crawls back into reach *g* as for feet . . simply do the same with one foot and you're basically home free of ANY bindings that are not a BDSM-Freaks wet dream O.o
I'm not saying there is an automatic success, more that there is no need for a test at all.

If you have an internal air tank (that you're using) and the room fills with dangerous inhalation gas, you don't get a bonus to your roll to resist the poison. You simply don't need to make a roll to resist it, as your cyberware makes it redundant.

I'm saying that for bound hands, an interchangeable hand would also render the test itself redundant
hmm . . ok, i did not think of it that way really took the example with the built in air tank for me to get it x.x . .
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