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I was just re-reading about the Adept Metamagic Infusion, and it occurred to me that it isn't clear whether any subsequently boosted Powers can exceed the Augmented Maximums that are normally in place.
"Beyond its normal range" sounds pretty indicative to me that it can exceed the Augmented Maximums.
And it could just be a reference to the normal Adept limits on Powers and Magic level (as opposed to the limits on Attributes and Skills). I can see arguments for both sides.
iirc, last time this came up it was decided that the power's rating still couldn't exceed your magic rating, and that normal range was referring to the range you had purchased the power at.
Hmmm ...

That still doesn't cover whether Skill and/or Attribute (augmented) Maximums can be exceeeded.
I brought this up a while ago. The Infusion technique allows a temporary boost to an already held Adept Power. The powers that be say it still does not go beyond the maximum as limited by the adept's Magic rating and/or limits from Skills or Attributes. "Normal range" is defined to essentially mean what you already have. Yeah... I know. So you can get more points than you have paid for with BP or Karma, but never beyond the upper limit.

Yes, I think this will be reworded sometime.
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