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Full Version: Defeating script kiddies and Agent Smith
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I talked to my regular group at our game last night, and we decided not to implement any of the variations of capping a hacker's hits with their Logic, because it's actually a massive limit on the hacker/TM and not so bad on the agent/sprite.

So I was thinking, why not just limit an agent or sprite's hits to its Rating, rather than everyone's? Thus hackers and TMs remain awesome because their hits are uncapped, and are definitely better than agents and sprites.

What do people think?
I think there are thousand ways to do it, and each will appeal to different players. You just have to find the solution that fit your group. If your group likes this one best, then it's the best solution.

Maybe Unwired will put an end to this, but maybe by the time it'll come out everyone will have their own rules they'll prefer to those in Unwired.
If you want hackers/tms to definitely be better than agents and sprites, this is certainly one way to do it.

I use skill cap limits in my games and the hackers still are awesome. I think that is partly due to sparingly using systems or IC with ratings higher than 4, but for most systems, a 5 and 6 are going to be used only for the toughest systems...
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