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Full Version: The Anti-Mage
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Zhan Shi
The following was derived from the Nega-Psychic RCC, in the Rift's Psyscape worldbook. Synopsis: the Nega-Psychic was an evolutionary response in humanity to the presense of magic, psionics, and supernatural creatures. Although they accepted the existence of these forces, the Nega-Psychic had such strong belief in their ability to overcome them that they gained special "anti-supernatural" powers. I thought the basic concept might work as well in the SR setting; I see them as something akin to the expression of technomancers.

Anti-Mage Positive Quality: 15 BP

Anti-Mages can not:
-use astral perception or projection
-use any Magic skills
-bind foci
-learn any Metamagic techniques, except for Centering and Masking

Anti-Mage Powers:
1. Counterspelling. Functions differently. For the Anti-Mage, it is an instinctive ability, is always "on", and does not use an action. Roll Magic+Body or Willpower. Otherwise as standard skill.
2. Banishing. Innate ability. Roll Magic+Willpower. Otherwise as standard skill.
3. Aura Static. In game terms, the Anti-Mage's aura is in constant Flux. This poses no danger for the character.
4. Initiation. Anti-Mages may iniate and increase Magic as normal.
5. Essence. Decrease this and Magic for cyber and bioware as normal.
6. Destroy the Supernatural. The Anti-Mages unarmed and melee attacks count as magic weapons, though unarmed does not do physical damage, and DV is not increased. Same goes for cyber melee weapons paid for with essence.
7. Mentor Spirits. Anti-Mages come in two forms. "Believers" see their powers purely as a biological response. "Followers" see themselves as being empowered by an outside entity, and have Mentor Spirits.
8. Anti-Mages have Immunity to all magical diseases, including HMHVV.
9. Soul of Iron. The Anti-Mage's aura is his alone. Any attempts to use Possesion or Inhabitation automaticaly fail. Also, his astral form can not be separated from his body, such as by walking through an Astral Rift, or by use of the Astral Gateway power. He can never be considered to be astraly active.
10. The Anti-Mage may make an Opposed test to resist any critter or spirit power which does not normaly allow one. Roll Willpower+Initiate grade. For powers which do allow a resistance roll, do so as normal.
Meh. Over powered. For a normal mage counterspelling is always on and doesn't take an action either. It is a skill though, limited to 7 (9 w/spec) at best. The way you write it, this guy could end up with nigh unbeatable counterspelling.

Why no metamagic except centering + masking? What good does centering even do for him? Why not except masking, and shielding?
Zhan Shi
I was worried that it may be overpowered. Centering to resist drain from the banishing test. No shielding because as Magic increases, Counterspelling increases. Thought Shielding as well would be a bit much.
Zhan Shi
BTW, Counterspelling uses a free action, and you only get two per phase. You can't use it when surprised.
Declaring it uses a free action. Defending with it requires nothing.
Zhan Shi
Ah, well. Probably just easier to use a Mystic Adept, ignore all Magic skills except Counterspelling and Banishing, and load up with Spell Resistance and similar powers.
Hmmm, most of this character's abilities could be accomplished with the existing rules. Make an aspected magician with some incompetence and you're 90% of the way there. The other 10% are the things making this character overpowered.
You can fill gaps with tiny house rules, like maybe a new metamagic technique, rather than using massive rules like new systems of magic.

I'm not saying it's completely redundant, and the idea of an anti-mage is a cool one, but I wonder if you couldn't make a pretty similar anti-mage using existing rules, and if so you should probably avoid introducing a new magic system.
I worry that you're reinventing the wheel, when you really just need to look under that mat in the trunk and you'll find it already there.
Of course, I'm not sure about that, I haven't actually tried to build a character like that, but I'm betting you get get there with smaller, more easily approved house rules, if you need any at all.

edit: Um, yeah, what you just said. wink.gif
Zhan Shi
Yuck. The more I read my first post, the more craptastic it seems. Note to self: Shadworun is not Rifts.
Not to mention, counterspelling (combat spells) 7 (9) w/reflecting is nasty enough.
Ancient History
Whoa, who reanimated the negamage?
You mean this isn't a new concept?
Negamage was in an old issue of Kage. cool.gif
Edit: Posted in wrong topic.

I think that a very good way to handle negamages is to just have the Magic Resistence Positive Quality apply to all types of magic resistance tests, not just spellcasting.
QUOTE (JBlades)
Negamage was in an old issue of Kage.  cool.gif

There were also negamage rules in one of the German-only SR2 books:
A negamage had a negative Magic stat and no magical abilities except automatic spell-defense with a number of dice according to his negative Magic.

A German novel later actually had a negamage as a character. The author expanded his abilities to actual astral invisibility and causing severe pain in magicians upon physical contact (due to the negamage "sucking" the mana from the magician - think Rogue and her boyfriend in the first X-Men movie).

The latter was especially unpractical when said negamage and the team's wizard fell in love...
I think there was a NegaMage in an issue of Challenge magazine as well. I personally hate the whole concept.
I wouldn't create a "nega-mage" with special powers. If someone wanted to play one, I would make it a 10-point aspected flaw; use counterspelling and banishing normally, -4 to anything else. (or +2 to those skills and -6 to everything else if you use that optional rule). And if you want to damage spirits or resist critter powers, make it an adept of the magical way, who can get iron will, killing hands, and similar powers.

If you are looking to have an NPC to oppose the group's mage, a normal mage using counterspelling is far more plausible than creating a special adversary. One which will look as if it were made specifically to mess up that one PC.
The counterspelling = to magic is basically the same thing as normal counterspelling + shielding, just cheaper.

Here is my two cents on the subject.
I have several 2nd edition Shadowrun magazine articles.
The "Challenge Magazine" #67 page 54.
It is not a big article but can give you ideas as to how to
play and use nega magic in your game.
Also the article White Wolf #38 pg 57 - 62n Magic: New Abilities for Physical Adepts, by Herbert L. Helzer II and David Perry
It is 2nd edition rule options and powers for an adapt.
I hope this helps.
Mr. Croup
I'm currently working on a concept based around the idea of Anti-Magic. However, i'm not playing around with the rules, i'm using the rules as based to build a tradition whos main philosophy is that magic is a wild form of energy in the world and that to safely manipulate it you first have to learn how to stop it dead in it's tracks. I haven't got a name for it yet, i only came up with the idea in the wee hours of last night but it's something i intend to finish this evening. Basically practitioners of this tradition would learn counterspelling and banishing before and above spellcasting and summoning.

The character i'm developing this for is essentially a body guard specialising in magical threats. Can't deal a lot of mojo out, but can stop a fair bit of magic himself.

Of course, no one's come up with the magic tag-team yet of a mage speciallising in Combat Magic and another mage speciallising in Counterspelling (well, that's probably not true, but i did realise just how frightening that combo would be last night whilst i was researching how viable my new tradition would be)...
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