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Full Version: How Secure Does Your Game Make Nodes
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There seems to be lots of disagreement about usefulness of agents, how hard it is to protect corporate systems, etc. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it is because of differences in how high, or low, GMs are setting the corporate security.

This poll isn't about discussing house rules, RAW, or anything like that. I'd enjoy comments as to what sort of security your game typically has but please don't start another rules debate! (we've already got those!)

In my game the average is about 4. I tend to put everything in Hidden Mode with Stealth running so that alone keeps most people out. If that doesn't work then they usually have Analyze running automatically and a Remote Agent from another Commlink patrolling. There will also be a Spider, but they usually patrol several secure nodes and so aren't usually there until there's a red flag.
I don't really use a generic node, at least not for anything plot important. When I'm designing corporate networks I tend to try to think about the actual function of the network, that is what's it used for in it's money making life because not even megacorps build networks just to be super secure money pits. That being said a limited access, highly specialized, secure R&D workstation is going to have a much higher rating than the network that runs lighting and climate control, and the various other networks would fall somewhere in between. Top end nodes would probably be in the 5-6 rnage while lower nodes may be in the 2-3 range. I generally leave rating 1 just for semi-smart devices like household appliances and low end personal commlinks
I usually back up the 5-6 for private corp rating node with auto-set anylze routines links to attack IC . Basicly I make private corp grids as mean as possible becuase its the future hacking has been made easy and everyone is paraniod.
Usually in my games I'd make the hacker hack two nodes to get to whatever he wanted, one Rating 3 public access server, and one Rating 4 that led to the research data/medical records/security cameras, etc. When the paydata was on a cold wired machine that the players had to infiltrate to get to, that was Rating 5.
Secure enough that the hacker has to roll dice, and not so secure that the game is boring and "unwinnable".
Whatever rating where the Hacker can't simply buy the hits to break the system is good.
This is a question relating to node rating. Here's the scenario

A corporation connects to the global matrix through a node of rating 2. This node contains nothing more than information relating to the company, perhaps email for employees to check from home, no programs that would actually pose a drain on the system. Hacking programs would be limited by this node to only run at a rating 2 as well. It doesn't take much skill to get past this and into the internal company (would be difficult for a script kiddie though, with only a 2 program biggrin.gif )

Anyways they get through, and their in the system. My thinking is since they are being piped through this rating 2 node, even if they are in higher rating nodes now they still can only pull off a rating 2 program. I think I'm right on this, and if I am than there's another idea for GM's on keeping hackers from overpowering a system. It will force your hackers out of their mothers basement, and into the run and putting their scrawny necks on the line with the bruisers.

-->Technomancer sidenote/question? Are complex forms limited by node rating as well? If so then threading would be pointless, how many rating 6 nodes are there, let alone a rating 12 node that would let the mega technomancer throw around that much power...
In addition to chokepoints, which are normally lower then the corporate "internal" nodes, I also make sure to downgrade access where appropriate. Meaning, the rating 2 chokepoint node the hacker just got admin access to, when moving to the internal node, doesn't automatically grant admin access there. I know some that have posted force a new hacking on the fly test, which I do sometimes, but other times I just make it that the admin account has, say, security access to an internal node...
QUOTE (Nightwalker450)
Hacking programs would be limited by this node to only run at a rating 2 as well.

The problem is, the node can't limit the rating of hacking programs. The hacking programs are being run on the hackers commlink, not the rating 2 node, so they are limited by the system value of the commlink.

The only time a hacker might run programs directly on a node he is hacking is if he loads an agent on the node rather than his own commlink. Even then though, if the agent moves to a new node, it will now be running on the newer more powerful node, and will be limited by the rating of the new node, not the old one
QUOTE (DireRadiant)
Whatever rating where the Hacker can't simply buy the hits to break the system is good.

hehe, that all depends on just how good said hacker/technomancer is... I have seen ALOT of dice tossed about!!
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